McDonalds on 12th

I have been living in Ogden for some weeks now, not officially though…it’s kind of a long story and this post isn’t about it at all. The money that I had saved up was spent pretty quickly, and me and my roommate/best friend/the guy I’m in love with had to figure out a way to pay for things without having to constantly go to his mom for cash every few days when the gas in my car happened to be running low. Sadly, the job opportunity I had been offered as a bagger at a nearby grocery store was unsuccessful. But my roommate, we’ll call him Josh, got a job at McDonalds some 8 miles away from our residence.
 Since I was living with him, I became the ride to work.
 Because gas was low and Josh ended up spending 80% of his paycheck on games and food, I decided to stay at the McDonalds for 6 to 7 hours straight. Hey, it’s eco-friendly that way, too.
 I have to say that I have never sat in one place for so long, not even in school do you sit at the same desk for 6 hours.
 I have always thought of McDonalds as a big corporation where staff did nothing but work, work, and work. And maybe one to three people standing in line, ALWAYS standing in line. Then I quickly learned that my viewpoint on a place that brought food to human mouths was incorrect. There were empty hours when there was barely a costumer around, and there were those very busy hours when people just piled in and jam-packed the whole front area where you order and pick up your food. The workers joked and messed around with each other, moved from place to place behind the counters to do different tasks.
 All kinds of people come to McDonalds on 12th, too. There were those wannabe gangsters, all dressed up in their “gangsta” outfits and snapping their fingers. I had a group of seven of them gathered behind my table, waiting for some individuals to show up before deciding to go to someone’s house (I did not mean to eavesdrop, they were just talking SO LOUD). I saw a really round cowboy yesterday, buying something at the front, and digging for change in his pockets. A lot of kids run between the people as their parents stand in line. One man, while leaning over his order that he dared not pick up until he counted every single chocolate milk and French fry box on the tray, made Josh help him. I felt bad for Josh, who ended up messing some of the order, I think.
 And the food, I discovered thanks to Josh, is pretty good, too. Especially the new Southwest Chicken wrap that they have out (a tip: you can get a slightly smaller wrap with the same everything for half the price if you ask for the snack wrap). I also enjoy the French fries with two dipping sauces: ranch and spicy buffalo. If you dip a French fry into the spicy buffalo and then into ranch, or vice versa, it makes a great contrast of sweet and spicy in your mouth. Yummy!
 McDonalds is just such a fun place to be, if you are into observing the populace.


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