New Gate Mall

Newgate Mall in Ogden is the only mall for miles around. The next mall, I think, is past the Air Force Base. To me, that was a shocking slap in the face to realize that there is only one place to go shopping, a place that doesn’t even carry the Sephora store inside of it. Moving from Salt Lake City, a place that has five malls, three of which are less than fifteen minutes away from my previous home.
 The first time I went in with my friend, Newgate Mall appeared a little deserted to me. I was used to the hectic Gateway plaza or City Creek Center in Downtown Salt Lake. Newgate was a completely different experience.
 I looked through some stores, realized that J. Crew and GAP weren’t inside the mall, but stumbled upon Express and Hot Topic and was content. Although the mall is missing some major stores, it is still a pretty nice and quiet place to shop. A mall where you don’t have to sidestep groups of giggling teenage girls or kids running about the hallways – thank god the mall has an enclosed play area for the kiddies.
 I was also astonished to learn that Newgate Mall has a blog devoted to it. A blog that blogs about fashion.
Newgate is a cute nice place to just sit down with your friends after going through some stores or watching a movie at the build-in movie theater inside the mall, and just talk and relax, and not have to raise your voice to be heard over the crowds of most other malls.


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