Taking the first steps towards minimalism

I didn’t choose to become minimalist just out of nowhere. I cherish all the stuff in my room back in Salt Lake City, but I had carried almost nothing but a few books, my laptop and phone, and two bags of clothes (not even half of all the clothes I own), and two pairs of shoes with me to North Ogden.
 But, one sunny day, I was browsing through a blog called The Minimalists, and read something that made me think twice about the meaning of minimalism.
 ZenHabits, mnmlist.com, Exile Lifestyle, Becoming Minimalist, and The Minimalists all have good explanations about to what minimalism is all about. 
 How does minimalism fit into my lifestyle?
 After going from one city to the other that was about 60 miles away, I quickly learned that carrying a big bag full of stuff isn’t a great idea. Stuff that you might not need will get in the way, and the things you wished you have had with you were not there because they didn’t fit. I also enjoy simplicity. My phone is a Windows Phone and it is very simple to both use and in appearance because it doesn’t have the cluttered Android or iPhone screen with lots of apps. Just live tiles. Very simple. The desktop on my laptop has also been very simple, always cleared from any programs or sticky notes – just a picture really, ( + I always click the “auto-hide the taskbar” option so that then the taskbar is eliminated from the picture unless I need it).
 I have always found relief in less, so minimizing my would-be spending (when I have a job and money) wouldn’t be that hard. I don’t buy something unless I absolutely need it.
 I looked through the clothes that I have taking up two of Josh’s drawers. I like wearing all of them – almost. There is a couple pieces in there I haven’t worn in months, and only once since I had made the purchase. I am wearing those clothes more now. I have a bunch of pairs of shoes and jeans, but I only wear two of my favorites. I have a bunch of blazers and tank tops and socks, but, just like the jeans and the shoes, I wear my beloved pieces only. So, why not eliminate the clutter and keep just the favorite things?
 That is what I am planning on doing next – the first thing was setting my mindset to fit this idea.
 Plus, all my books will have to stay behind, sadly. I think I will donate them to D.I. or the public library system and transfer to digital copies of books on my laptop and phone instead.



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