The radio stations stole my music playlist

No, I’m serious. They really did steal my playlist! I don’t know how they did it, whether they hacked into my Windows Phone music library or my Spotify library, but now they have it.  The first time I heard Grouplove and Local Natives playing through the speakers at Weber High School’s welding class (I was there with a friend), I felt great dissatisfaction with my devices at being capable of keeping my stuff safe from the outside world.  Josh came up behind me and nudged me in the back with an elbow, a grin spread across his lips. “So your music is mainstream now, HA HA HA!!!” I’m telling you, I wanted to punch him and the radio station people in the face. I still get annoyed when I hear my favorite bands playing on the radio at McDonalds or in the car.  But, it was bound to happen. All good things can’t be hidden from the world’s ginormous population forever. All the independent local bands, Imagine Dragons for example, finally become well-known. It doesn’t mean that I would stop listening to them…well…probably not…maybe. I just have to look at all these in a different light, I guess. For instance: now, even more people can enjoy Ra Ra Riot and Hedley.

 When I stated what had taken place to the music I cherished to a friend of mine, he gave me the same response as he did when I was cuddled up in a vintage jeans jacket, a plead scarf, fingerless gloves, and a big bluish-greenish hat almost a year ago – don’t be offended, but you’re such a hipster. And, by the way my friend, I was VERY OFFENDED.


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