Grounds For Coffee

I’m a coffee addict, and I’m not afraid to admit that. When I take a sip of coffee, it feels like a small bit of heaven just opened up inside of me.
Not too long ago, I started out to learn as much about the unique little spots of Salt Lake and Ogden as possible. I found all sorts of places – from little vegan eateries, to hidden coffee shops and coffee roasters, to indie bookstores and art galleries.
One of my favorite places has to be Grounds For Coffee on Harrison Blvd in Ogden.
The coffee shop isn’t far from Weber State University and the Weber bank. The place is small and cozy , with a bookstore fitted into the coffee shop itself. All kinds of books can be found at the  Wisebird Bookery, and if the book you’re looking for isn’t here ,then the staff of Grounds For Coffee will be more than happy to find it and then order it for you.
Each Grounds For Coffee shop has its own unique personality, so no two places will be exact, as in the case of big chain stores like Starbucks.
Everything is local, so when you buy coffee or food at a Grounds For Coffee store remember that you are giving back to the community.
I had a great cup of coffee at Grounds For Coffee on Harrison Blvd once. I walked in and asked the barista for her opinion on the coffees – the barista that day turned out to be the owner of this Grounds For Coffee store. She gave me the best coffee I had ever tasted.
 I forgot the name of the coffee and could never get the right cup of coffee ever again, or maybe it was just the special way she had prepared it. I don’t know. I just know that I love Grounds For Coffee.


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