facing your fears

As frustrating as high school can be, its something that one just has to face in his or her life. Walking through halls full of people you don’t know, don’t care to know, and dislike because they probably  judge you wrongly (who are they anyway, you don’t know them so they can go suck it!), can be quiet a petrifying experience.
I have been feeling that way since I first left the familiarity of my school and my language in Russia and moved to the U.S. with my mom.
I started out at an American elementary school at the end of fifth grade. I continued through junior high and most of my sophomore high school year being that loner and outcast that everyone pities and secretly makes fun of. Gosh, they’re walking alone, that’s just so weeeeiiiiird!
Since then, I have learned how to deal with my social anxiety. I wouldn’t say that its completely gone, no way it is, my back muscles still tense up when I’m walking past any group of people that I’m not friendly with. The social anxiety is simply less obvious than it used to be, and now I know how to take a deep breath, relax, and move on past my fear.
When I look back to my old self, too shy to talk to anybody and walking rapidly on my own through the hallways, I think about how much I have changed and how much knowledge I have accumulated since at least a year ago. Its quiet astonishing to see so much change in so little time. Facing your fears is something everybody should do because it makes life so much more enjoyable.


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