The Storm

It started out as nothing more than little white snowflakes twirling around on a slight breeze, but grew into a wind of up to 18 miles in some areas.
Our little Honda Civic was pushed from side to side in one of the lanes on Washington Blvd as we drove home late on the 22nd. Branches and leafs were a common sight, flying through the air, and crushing into cars as they attempted to jump across the road to the other side. Apparently, tree leafs and branches weren’t the only things flying in the night yesterday, because I swear that rocks hit my car at least twice on the way home – one of them landed on the roof of my car.
I’m the kind of person that loves rainstorms, windstorms, thunderstorms, and snowstorms. But as soon as I come into contact with one, say I have to drive to a grocery store, I freak. Storms terrify me. Even in the safety of the house, still when I hear the wind knocking on the windows I edge uncomfortably in my seat.
I hoped that the power would go out at our house in North Ogden, like it did at all those gas stations and lights in Ogden. No such luck. The wind in North Ogden didn’t even blow so hard; it was no adventure at all.
And I saw a STOP sign hanging upside down on its poll and shaking in the wind.


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