Applying to college/not applying to college

I was seating on the sofa and playing Goats on TV, while simultaneously going through my news feed on Instagram.
I saw something that made my heart jump and my mind go into its panic mode.
It seems like every senior I know has send out college applications. And from the Facebook posts and Instagram posts it looks like most of them had been accepted to the college of their choice.
And me?
I was going to apply to Westminster College down in Salt Lake, as well as University of Utah. Keeping it local, because I have people here that I don’t want to leave.
But, missing from school, and now having to transfer high schools in the middle of the year, while being behind of my class, has made me forget completely about applying to college.
But I have other plans. I want to decide what I truly want to do with my life. Currently I have a few options that I’m considering a) U of U, b) Marines, Air Force, or Army and then ROTC at the U, c) volunteer in Africa before going to college in the fall 2014. As you see, college is definitely in my plans.
But still, for some reason every time I see a post about one of my peers being accepted to college, I feel like I’m way behind in life of where I’m supposed to be, even though I know that my current situation and future plans will require me to apply for college later than normal.
The point?
Don’t stress, everybody’s circumstances are different.


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