Seating alone in public has always been a little stressful for me. Not because I’m afraid of being alone out in public, no that’s not it, or because I have social anxiety, that’s not it, too. The reason is much simpler and weirder, in my opinion.
Starting with age 12, whenever I was in public with my mom or friends, older men would be looking at me. And the looks they gave me weren’t the ones you would hope an adult male to give a girl.
As I grew older, adult men became bolder.
Even seating at McDonalds is quiet a struggle, sometimes, as adult men walk by and smile at me or give me compliments that they shouldn’t give somebody who isn’t even an adult yet.
I guess I got used to it by now. But when a man came up to me today and told me that I’m very pretty and am probably taken, I felt like I had no other choice but to say yes, I am. I hate lying, and it’s sad that this has pushed me to it.
I don’t think its ok for any woman or young woman or girl child to experience this sort of behavior. Our society should know better than this. But apparently it does not.

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