Alaskan Way

Today, I spend 58 minutes watching a documentary about heli skiing in Alaska.
I’m a skier myself, but haven’t been up to the slopes yet this year. I have never been a great skier, just a regular one, going up to Blues and sometimes Black runs. I have had my share of falls, and there was even one time when I almost skied off a cliff at Snowbird.
But none of my snow adventures came close to what the ski guides and skiers experience in Haines, Alaska.
The documentary chronicles their experiences on the mountain, in extreme situations, and on base.
I almost cried when at the end of the documentary two skiers – an instructor and his pupil – were killed by an avalanche.
Check out Alaskan Way on Vimeo and see if the adventure worth loosing it all.

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The Streets



Have you heard about Chvrches?
If you haven’t, that’s ok because not many people have.
Chvrches were formed sometime in 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland.
The group consists of: Lauren Mayberry – lead vocals, additional synthesizers and samplers; Iain Cook – synthesizers, guitar, bass, vocals; and Martin Doherty – synthesizers, samplers, vocals.
The group’s track The Mother We Share got them an opening to Passion Pit’s performance. The group also came fifth on BBC’s Sound of 2013.
Spelling their name with a “v” instead of a “u” to differ in online searches, the group is got some great sound.
Listen to their song The Mother We Share and let yourself fall in love with Chvrches

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The Streets


Seating alone in public has always been a little stressful for me. Not because I’m afraid of being alone out in public, no that’s not it, or because I have social anxiety, that’s not it, too. The reason is much simpler and weirder, in my opinion.
Starting with age 12, whenever I was in public with my mom or friends, older men would be looking at me. And the looks they gave me weren’t the ones you would hope an adult male to give a girl.
As I grew older, adult men became bolder.
Even seating at McDonalds is quiet a struggle, sometimes, as adult men walk by and smile at me or give me compliments that they shouldn’t give somebody who isn’t even an adult yet.
I guess I got used to it by now. But when a man came up to me today and told me that I’m very pretty and am probably taken, I felt like I had no other choice but to say yes, I am. I hate lying, and it’s sad that this has pushed me to it.
I don’t think its ok for any woman or young woman or girl child to experience this sort of behavior. Our society should know better than this. But apparently it does not.

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The Streets

Sugar House Coffee

Sugar House Coffee is one of my favorite spots to just sit and relax. It is located in Sugar House, with a ten minute walk to Westminster College, and two minutes to art galleries and clothes stores and places to eat.
Sugar House Coffee – “With great menu items like our home-made vegan chili, soups, panini grilled sandwiches, wraps, flat breads, plus local and fresh baked i-house pastries to go with our signature coffee drinks. We offer vegan items as well as pastries, on the weekends you will find a few gluten free goodies as well. Our vegan coffee cake is the best.”
Stop by Sugar House Coffee at 1100 East 2011 South.

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Applying to college/not applying to college

I was seating on the sofa and playing Goats on TV, while simultaneously going through my news feed on Instagram.
I saw something that made my heart jump and my mind go into its panic mode.
It seems like every senior I know has send out college applications. And from the Facebook posts and Instagram posts it looks like most of them had been accepted to the college of their choice.
And me?
I was going to apply to Westminster College down in Salt Lake, as well as University of Utah. Keeping it local, because I have people here that I don’t want to leave.
But, missing from school, and now having to transfer high schools in the middle of the year, while being behind of my class, has made me forget completely about applying to college.
But I have other plans. I want to decide what I truly want to do with my life. Currently I have a few options that I’m considering a) U of U, b) Marines, Air Force, or Army and then ROTC at the U, c) volunteer in Africa before going to college in the fall 2014. As you see, college is definitely in my plans.
But still, for some reason every time I see a post about one of my peers being accepted to college, I feel like I’m way behind in life of where I’m supposed to be, even though I know that my current situation and future plans will require me to apply for college later than normal.
The point?
Don’t stress, everybody’s circumstances are different.